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Furniture Quality Reptile Cages
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After buying an upscale home, your first priority is to fill it with stylish furniture and accessories. You don’t want to stuff your beautiful house with old couches or tables that are falling apart. The same holds true for your furniture quality reptile cages. If you’ve gone through all the time, trouble and expense to purchase a custom cage, you need to purchase high-quality accessories as well.

No one likes to live in a house that appears empty. A living room with no couches or a dining room without a table doesn’t seem like home. Your reptile feels the exact same way about his furniture quality reptile cages. He doesn’t want to spend all his time in a cage that is completely barren. Even in the wild, reptiles have lots of “furniture” in their habitat, such as rocks, trees and roots.

Furnishing Your Furniture Quality Reptile Cages

You can purchase a variety of wonderful accessories for your furniture quality reptile cages from Custom Cages. Not only do we sell top-of the line big cages and any type of custom cage imaginable, we also have a plethora of accessories for your cage. All these accessories are made from high density expanded polyurethane. This makes each accessory appear realistic and natural. Your furniture quality reptile cages will look exceptionally sharp once they’re furnished with these accessories. You can provide your pet with:

  • Replica logs—Your pet will love you for including these logs in his corner reptile cage. Most herps enjoy climbing or basking on this kind of wood.
  • Replica basking ledge—Basking in the sun or light is a favorite past time for almost every reptile. So be sure to purchase one of these for your furniture quality reptile cages.
  • Replica food and watering dishes—In the wild most herps drink from rocks. So we’ve created food and water dishes that imitate this pattern. Available in a variety of sizes, these dishes will make your cages look like your pet’s natural habitat.