The Rainforest Exhibit ARRIVES! Vlog #2 | The Rainforest Exhibit

Some ideas seem out of our reach, as if they’re too far away to grasp. Until a few dreamers get together to make that idea real, like a rain cloud or a puff of smoke. It’s magic. THE Rainforest Exhibit.

Custom Aquariums’ Ted Judy and Punk Your Chucks’ artist, MAG, decided to build a state of the art indoor rainforest/vivarium in the largest Amphibious Aquarium ever made by Custom Aquariums, pictured in this video. After many weeks of planning, the “go ahead” was given and construction began. Here, Amber is hard at work sealing The Rainforest Exhibit with 100% silicone.

With Custom Aquariums amazing construction methods, hardworking staff like Amber here, incredible customer service thanks to salesmen like Bob Pontow, The Rainforest Exhibit was constructed, packed and crated with our entire order and then shipped to our gate with the entire order from Custom Aquariums weighing over one ton. Yes, we needed a forklift.

Bobby from Farmers Equipment and Tool Rental in Murphy, NC, came to our rescue at the last minute quickly arranging for us to use a tracked forklift. Thanks, Bobby.

Now, opening all the crates and pulling out the goodies. The Rainforest Exhibit is out of its crate and slowly making it to its final destination, the stand. It is awesome. Now the fun begins, the build. Tank says, “Pleath.” To see the latest “The Rainforest Exhibit” Vlog, make sure to hit the Bell icon. This is going to be cool.

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