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Wood Reptile Cages
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Unfortunately not everyone understands responsible pet ownership. Some people want the benefits of owning a pet, but are not willing to invest the necessary time or expense into properly caring for their reptiles. This is a huge mistake. It is common for reptile owners to skimp in the area of housing. They don’t want to invest in high-quality wood reptile cages, so they decide to create a make-shift wood cage instead. Often this turns out to be an old shoe box or a couple pieces of rotting planks tacked together.

This is a huge mistake. It is far better to purchase wood reptile cages that are specifically designed for the health and happiness of your reptiles. Who wants to live in a shoe box? I’m sure you would not enjoy this, and neither would your pet. Plus, there are several safety concerns associated with these cheap methods.

Why You Should Purchase Professionally Made Wood Reptile Cages

  1. Safety. Reptiles are sneaky creatures. They can slip through the tiniest of holes and disappear. If you are using home-made wood reptile cages or worse—a cardboard furniture reptile cage, your pet is at risk for becoming lost. Once your pet escapes from his cage, he could be injured or killed. Someone could accidentally step on him. Your best bet is to invest in quality wood reptile cages, like the ones offered by Custom Cages. Our wood reptile cages are carefully handcrafted in our Wisconsin-based facility. We pay careful attention to every detail to ensure that your wood reptile cages are escape proof.
  2. Health concerns.Make-shift wood reptile cages may not be able to adequately hold the heat your reptile needs to thrive. Remember, most reptiles are desert creatures. They need specific temperatures in order to thrive. As a result, you need quality wood reptile cages that are designed to meet these requirements.