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Speaker: It’s Saturday afternoon and I spent most of Thursday getting everybody inside from out on the patio. There’s Tiamat in the foreground there and big boy Bossk in the back. They’re all set up in their Hybrid enclosure from It’s six-foot long, four-foot tall, two-foot front to back. I did rearrange some of my replica log work to make the perches horizontal and go a little closer to the top so they can get next to that UVB T5 high output bulb. I also have mercury vapor bulbs for hot basking spots on either side.

Let’s shift this. Get a better look at them over here. Hey, big boy. Again, it’s Saturday, they’ve been in here since Thursday, no aggression or anything. If you guys have seen some of my past videos, you know that Tiamat can get behind this mesh and Bossk really can’t get to her, so she’s got a secure place to go if he’s getting overly amorous or aggressive. Of course, I had to bring Indy in. Obviously she’d much rather be outside, but it’s getting to be that time of year we’ve got to bring them in.

New for this season– Two things new, by the way. I just had an old extra large enclosure, the four-foot tall, two-feet square at the bottom. The three female knight anoles that were in the fly catch outside have been moved in here. I don’t know if you can see the little one in the back corner. Got it set up with a corn plant, a couple of vertical and horizontal purchases made out of some PVC pipe foam insulation which is pretty handy, lightweight, sturdy. They can climb on it. It’s just attached together with some zip ties, piece of cork hollow, ceramic heat emitter for cool nighttime temps, some UVB bulbs, those are brand new. That two-foot one in the back needs to be replaced.

Also new, I upgraded Lana the Russian tortoise’s tub. She’s in this 70-gallon stock tank which is much bigger than the big old Tupperware tub that I had her in. She’s doing great. She also has UVB and a ceramic heat emitter. Sorry, Indy. Let’s see if we can focus, there we go. There’s the female smallwoodi and the male is on the back side. I took the screen that I had on it, took that off. Maybe there’s some eggs down in there and maybe I’ll come out here one morning and see a little baby smallwoodi running out here. Hopefully, if that happens, I can catch the baby before they get somewhere where they’re not supposed to be or dehydrate.

Of course, here’s Lucky. Lucky knows that I have lunch for everybody. I saved this for last because I’ll usually get my hands messed up when I feed Indy. Bossk and Tiamat have some shredded collard greens, some shredded acorn squash and shredded carrots and there’s some banana slices in there. You hungry, big boy? You hungry, pretty girl? We’ll just put that right there. I’m surprise they didn’t come out on me, I left that open the whole time. Let’s see here. For Lana, Lana has the exact same thing, no banana. There’s also some moistened Timothy hay and orchard grass pellets. Where you at? There you are, pretty girl. Let’s see if she’ll chow down for us while we’re watching. No? Not going to eat for me? All right.

Now Lucky, as we know, is very food-aggressive. The key is how do I open this latch, put food in, hold camera, not let her get out, not get bit? We can do it. Here, pretty girl. There you go. Go get that banana. Get that banana. All right. Loves her some banana. She would devour everything in that dish. Exact same diet as Bossk and Tiamat. Whoa. See? Shots fired. We don’t want that. 250-watt ceramic heat emitters don’t need to be bouncing around. There you go. Let me make sure I latch that.

Now, let’s take care of our big Indy. How are you doing, pretty girl? She’s only a foot and she’s heavy. Indy has the exact same thing as Lana, moistened Timothy hay, that’s what it looks like, and orchard grass pellets. She’ll eat. There we go. Of course, since I’m not over there, Lana’s eating too. I already misted off all the anoles today. You can see some water droplets on the leaves, I think.

I misted these guys off and got a little mini-dripper that I let drip for a little while. Let’s see. Let’s try one more thing before we wrap this up. Hey, buddy. Want some banana? A little tiny chunk with my fingers and his big head and mouth. Take it so delicately. You are such a good boy. Let’s see if we can get Tiamat to take a little piece. No eggs out of Tiamat so far. She laid late last year but they were all infertile. I don’t know. I don’t know if she’s going to give me any eggs this year. Want a piece? That’s a good girl. But you know what, I don’t need to breed and have babies and the difficulty of trying to get them to good homes every year. It definitely can be stressful.

All right. I think everybody’s doing awesome. Man, it’s warm out here. All of the other anoles, the false chameleons, the pair of baracoae, the pair of smallwoodi, the pair of anolis equestris, knight anoles, they’re back in the lizard room. A bit of disarray so I’m going to clean that up before I go back and we do a little tour of the actual lizard room that’s in the house.

I just wanted to update everybody on the animals are inside okay. We fared great from Hurricane Dorian thankfully. Obviously the Bahamas, down in North Carolina, Okracoke, not quite as lucky and It’s still moving up the East Coast. I haven’t had the weather channel on today but I know it’s heading up towards Canada and might make landfall as a category two was the last thing I had saw yesterday, so that’s not good for those folks. Fingers crossed that everybody fares okay with that. Just wanted to give you guys an update, bringing everybody inside, everybody’s doing great. It is definitely warm in this garage, that’s why I got the fan going over there. It is on a timer with all the lights.

The lights and the heat lamps come on, that fan will come on, helps circulate some air in here. This time of year, it still gets warm during the day. My house is facing the east, so that morning sun, all the way up until noon and my garage door gets awful warm, it’s just an aluminum door. I’m going to figure out a way perhaps to put some sort of foam block on it or something just to absorb some of that heat and also help to insulate it in the winter when it gets really cold. Until next time. You guys take care.

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