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Select the size of cage you would like. This price is a starting point. You will have an opportunity to add and subtract options in later steps that may change the price of your unit. Please note any cage 48" x 36" or larger in any direction must be an H3 for structural reasons.

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What is the difference between a Hybrid® H2 and H3?

Our Hybrid® Enclosures are available in 2 systems, the H2 and H3.

The H2 system is intended for mid to small enclosures where an H3 cage would be overkill, and the H3 is intended for larger enclosures where additional strength is required..

Please look at the charts and information below to help you come up with a decision and select the system enclosure you would like to configure. If you are unsure which enclosure is best for you, please call and a sales representative would be happy to help you over the phone.

H2 vs H3 H2 vs H3 Comparison