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HBM05 Bird Cage 2-3 Combo 84"H x 36"L x 24"D H2

HBM05 Bird Cage 2-3 Combo

HBM05 Bird Cage 2-3 Combo 84"H x 36"L x 24"D H2

Price: $2,347.95

Sale: $2,191.95

Our combos are perfect for any retail or breeder environment as well as for collectors. Various combos can be purchased individually and lined up next to each other to create a great overall display for various animals. All cages, hoods, and stands interlock when stacked. Since all sections can be on casters they can be easily moved and rearranged. Like every cage, they all come with our secure locking system to keep animals in and people out!

Hybrid Bird Cage Information

Hybrid Bird Cage Materials

Hybrid Bird Cage Customization

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  • Package includes:

    • 2 24"H x 36"L x 24"D H2 Bird Cages
    • 3 12”H x 36”L x 24”D H2 Hoods/Stands
  • Package includes:

    • All basic package features
    • 2 Pull Out Floors/Pull Out Trays Sys A
    • 4 Seed Catchers for Sides
    • 4 Black Dome Fixtures, 4 X-Guards
    • 4 Full Spectrum Screw in Bulbs
    • 4 Casters
  • Package includes:

    • All basic and deluxe package features
    • 4 Mini Hinged Friendly Feeders
    • 2 Large SB Grapevine Perches
    • 2 35” Ribbonwood Perches
    • 2 30” Formable Ropes
    • 4 Small Hang Toys
  • Package includes:

    • All basic, deluxe and complete package features
    • 2 of 40 different image backgrounds
    • Cage Cover
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      * NOTICE: Destructive birds may destroy Replica Furniture™. Other items of equal value may be substituted in complete combos.

Please select a color for your enclosure hood and stand.

  • Black Granite
  • Natural Granite
  • Cambridge Cherry
  • English Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Prestige Maple

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Price: $2,347.95

Sale: $2,191.95