Multi Level Hybrid Bird Cages

Custom Cages chose the name Hybrid® because it is a perfect description of our enclosure system for birds. Instead of conforming to one particular type of enclosure, we pick the best materials for each function. For example, the doors on our standard bird enclosures are clear acrylic so you can view your pet, the top and sides are stainless steel wire mesh so you can get air flow for birds and small animals. The back is laminate or a custom background to give the enclosure a professional, classy appearance. The end result is not one particular type of enclosure, but a “Hybrid®” of all different types of enclosures to give you the best of all worlds. In addition, every species of bird is different and every situation is unique, which is why we also allow customers to customize their enclosures and choose what types of materials they would like to use depending on their circumstances, thus creating their own unique Hybrid® bird cages.

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