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Reptiles come in many different sizes and so do our enclosures. When you have an adult boa, dragon, or any other large species, you need more than a standard reptile cage–You need a large reptile terrarium.

Should you get a large reptile enclosure from Custom Cages? Read further, we’ll let you decide.

Large Reptile Terrariums
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A Reptile Terrarium You Can Depend On

Whether you call it a reptile terrarium, a reptile aquarium, or a reptile tank, we’ll craft the structure you need to comfortably house your growing or full-grown pet. Comfortability will depend on these factors:

  • The amount of space your pet has to roam
  • The type of materials you use for the structure
  • Its ability to regulate heat and humidity
  • The decor and accessories used for rest and stimulation

We take all of these factors into account and offer dependable, custom solutions for each. The result? Our customers and their pets get what works best for them, regardless of the situation!

If you have questions about the ideal terrarium size, materials, and decor, please reach out today! Even if you don’t buy from us, we’re happy to help you find your dream enclosure.

Fully Customizable

One reason our large reptile terrariums are so popular is that they’re totally customizable. We’ve crafted reptile aquariums for everyone from the everyday reptile hobbyist to some of the largest zoos in America!

If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, use our Reptile Cage Configurator today! With this tool, you can build your terrarium from the ground up, inputting your desired size, materials, and more! You can also save your progress and return to it at any time!

Large Reptile Terrariums Backed by Company Pride

We’re proud of the enclosures we’ve built. And we want you to be just as happy with your reptile’s new home. When shopping with us, you can expect:

  • A Quality Reptile Cage: Regardless of the size or materials you choose, your terrarium will be ready to withstand years of use.
  • Great Service: Friendly receptionists. Expert design teams. Great Craftsman. We’re here to assist you with any need.
  • A Positive, Helpful Experience: Our goal is to give you the knowledge and guidance needed to properly care for your reptiles. And finding the correct reptile tank is the first step!

Products You Can Trust From People You Can Trust

We’re not your everyday manufacturer. We offer products on a worldwide scale, but maintain a small-business attitude, taking the time to help each potential or previous customer.

  1. Family-Owned: Our company takes pride in our work and brand. We put our heart and soul into every large reptile terrarium we produce.
  2. Handcrafted in the USA: We never farm out our large reptile terrariums to another manufacturer or off-shore production facility. Our large reptile terrariums are produced right here in our Neenah, WI facility. We have all the equipment we need to create highly-specialized custom terrariums with razor-sharp accuracy.
  3. All Materials Come From the USA: This includes all our stainless steel and aluminum materials.