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If you are considering purchasing outdoor cat fencing for your pets, you may be questioning the practicality of it. How often would you use the outdoor cat fencing? Would your felines enjoy being in their cat condos or cat cage outside? What about the different seasons?

Outdoor Cat Fencing
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Let’s take a few minutes to discuss how you can use it year-round. It’s not just for summer or those blistering hot afternoons. Giving your pet feline access to the great outdoors year-round is essential for his health and vitality. Don’t forget that cats are animals whose ancestors lived outdoors in all types of weather. Your cat is a lot hardier than you may be giving him credit for.

Using Your Outdoor Cat Fencing Year Round

Nothing will make your pet happier or healthier than being able to spend time outside. Outdoor cat fencing is the best investment you can make in your pet’s health. And the good news is you can use this outdoor cat fencing all the time.


In some climates, springtime tends to be the rainy season. Since cats typically dislike being wet, you may be wondering how you can coax him to go out in his outdoor cat condo during the spring. The key here is the type of outdoor cat fencing you purchase. Find some sort of outdoor cat containment system that is fully equipped with a metal roof. This will keep the rain off your pet while he is in his outdoor cat fencing, but it will still allow him to have access to the outdoors. Custom Cages manufactures exquisite cat cages that are ideal for all weather conditions.


This is easy. When the sun is shining and the air is warm, your pet will love being outside in his outdoor cat fencing. He can explore and play in his cat condo or in his cat tree house to his heart’s content. But summer brings its own set of challenges. You need to be extra careful to provide your pet with access to shade and water at all times. In some areas, the summer heat can be stifling. Be sure your pet has a cool place where he can relax away from the blistering sun.


Autumn brings almost perfect weather—not too hot and not too cold. The air is crisper and a bit chilly, but there is still plenty of sunshine and outdoor fun for your cat. Your cat may enjoy playing in a pile of leaves in his outdoor cat fencing. You may also want to place small pumpkins or squashes in his cat condo where he can jump over them or attempt to roll them around, depending on their size.


Snow, sleet, rain, and frost accompany the winter months. But that doesn’t mean your cat shouldn’t spend any time in his outdoor cat fencing. Just be sure that he is not left out in the cold for too long. This is especially true for kittens and elderly cats. Ideally, try to give your pet access to your house and his outdoor cat cage at the same time. In this way, if he starts to feel chilly in his outdoor cat fencing, he can come indoors. Custom Cages sells several tubes and window connectors that will give your pet access to both his outdoor and indoor environment. Please visit our cat accessories page for more information about these products!

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