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Did you know that cats sleep for 16-18 hours a day? If you have an outdoor cat cage, your pet needs some outdoor cat beds to curl up on and take a snooze. If you don’t want your pet digging a nest in the flower pot or lying on the hard ground, a cat bed is definitely in order. By placing a bed in your outdoor cat condo, you can help your pet get the sleep he needs for maximum health.

Outdoor Cat Beds
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When selecting outdoor cat beds for your outdoor cat cages, remember that comfort is one of the most important factors. The bed will most likely be placed on the cement or porch, something fluffy and soft is best. Remember cats will naturally gravitate towards comfortable surfaces. So if you place soft outdoor cat beds in their outdoor cat cages, they’ll greatly appreciate it.

Another thing you will want to consider when choosing outdoor cat beds is whether or not they are washable. If you plan on keeping the bed in your outdoor cat cage, you know it’s going to get dirty. Mud, dirt, and hair may accumulate on it, so stay on top of cleaning.

Different Types of Outdoor Cat Beds

If you haven’t gone shopping for a cat bed yet, there are many alternative options available.

  • Heated Beds. Want to keep your pet warm and cozy? Some people may opt to purchase heated outdoor cat beds.
  • Blankets. This is the easiest type of cat bed alternative. Look for a wool or fleece blanket, fold it several times, and place it in your outdoor cat cages or outdoor cat condo.
  • Baskets. Kittens like to curl up in something, not just on something. A kitty basket with a plush blanket works great. If you opt for a basket, place it in the far corner of your outdoor cat enclosure.
  • Large cat trees. If you’re looking for outdoor cat beds that are cost-effective and have a dual purpose, why not use a large cat tree as a complex cat bed? You may place cat trees in any outdoor cat cage. Your feline can play and jump on these large cat trees during the day. When he gets tired and feels like napping, he can curl up and go to sleep. Since large cat trees tend to be padded, they serve as comfortable sleeping quarters. They are also easy to clean with a shop vac.

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