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Just about every cat lover knows that felines love to scratch their claws on something. As a result, having cat scratching furniture is not an option, but a downright necessity. If you want to get real smart, try purchasing cat scratching furniture for indoors and for your cat kennels that are outside. This will save you the trouble of dragging your cat scratching furniture in and out of the house every day.

Cat Scratching Furniture
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It is perfectly normal and even amusing to watch your pets claw away at their cat scratching furniture. Sometimes, they look like machines as they claw to their heart’s content. If you start to notice that your pet is scratching himself instead of his cat scratching furniture, you may need to do a little investigating. Fleas can be a big problem during the summer. If they’ve invaded your cat’s fur, you’ll want to deal with it right away.

Monitoring Your Cat & Cat Scratching Furniture

If you suspect that your cat has fleas, carefully watch his scratching patterns. If he is neglecting his cat scratching furniture, examine his skin and fur for any signs of fleas. If you see those pesky little creatures lurking under your pet’s fur, take immediate action. There are a number of ways to effectively eliminate fleas,

  • Bathe your cat. This is usually one of the first steps to getting rid of fleas. Take your pet out of his cat cage and give him a nice bath and flea dip. Alternatively, you can take your cat to a local groomer to perform this service for you. Once your cat is bathed, you will also need to disinfect your cat scratching furniture and cat kennels to kill any other fleas that are living in the carpet or cat furniture.
  • Use a flea collar. A flea collar usually emits a gas that is toxic to fleas. These can be helpful in keeping your pet comfortable and keeping fleas away. However, if your cat spends most of his time outside in his cat kennels or cat run, a collar may not be the ideal option. You wouldn’t want your pet to get stuck on a bush or fence where he could be stuck for hours.
  • Use a topical medication. Topical treatments such as Frontline and Advantage are extremely popular and effective in controlling fleas. Your veterinarian can help you decide what type of medication is best for your pet. Don’t forget to make sure your cat scratching furniture is also cleaned or sprayed on a regular basis to keep the fleas at bay. Once you have your flea epidemic under control, the rest is easy!
  • Fleas can make your cat feel miserable and sick. By eliminating them from his life, your pet cat will be free to enjoy his cat scratching furniture without having to stop every 3 minutes to scratch himself.

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