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Speaker 1: Hey, guys. It’s a Friday evening and I’m just getting around to uploading some footage that I took last weekend, last Saturday when I was bringing the lizards outside for the summer. What I have for you on this upload is bringing Bossk and Tiamat outside. Sorry, mosquitos. I’m out on the back porch, got a little spotlight over my head, it is dark outside. Mosquito, I can’t stand them. Bossk and Tiamat’s winter quarters are a customcages.com hybrid enclosure, and their summer quarters are a customcages.com suncatcher enclosure.

That’s what you’re going to see me take them from and put them in doing a little coaxing to get them to come out of the little pet carrier. Bossk and Tiamat have never tried to bite me, they don’t mind me petting them, but they don’t like to be picked up and restrained per se. That’s why I use the carrier to take them outside and didn’t just try to pick them up. Man, I can’t stand mosquitos. Anyways, that’s what I got for you in the next seven minutes. If you like what you see, if you want to see some update videos of what I got going on that back patio, go to my Instagram. My Instagram username is Knight Anole.

I’ve been posting a lot of pictures on there. About every other day I’m posting something on Instagram, but I’m going to call that my lizard patio oasis. I will be taking the knight anoles out and putting them in their outdoor enclosures. I also did that last weekend. If you’ll see, we had a cold snap come through, and so I had to wrap all of the giant anole enclosures with a tarp. They all have heaters, but when it drops down in the 50s and it’s an entirely screen enclosure, the heaters are just not going to do the trick. The tarp was needed to block the wind and to make sure the heat was trapped on the inside. If you like what you see, please consider subscribing.

Please hit that bell so you get notified when I upload some videos. If you have any suggestions, any questions, any comments, please don’t hesitate to put them in the comment down in the comment section. I do my best to reply to all of them in as timely a manner as I can, but go ahead and enjoy Bossk and Tiamat getting taken outside in their sun patio enclosure for the summer. Thanks for watching. Hey, big Bossk. Hey, buddy. Easy. Easy, big guy. Hey, buddy. What’s that? Bossk, easy. Easy buddy. Easy. Get in.

Go, big boy, come on out. Hey, big boy. Hey, buddy. Hey, bud. Come on out. Hey, you’re a handsome man. You’re going to come out? Come on. You know where this is. Come on, big guy. Go get your girlfriend. Hey, Bossk. Hey, buddy. Hey big boy. Nice and warm up here. You can get up there. Come on out big guy. Can I pet you to your lap? Are you going to bite me? Got boy. Yes, there’s my buddy. Look at this bud. Look at this big boy. Stop, you’re okay. Big Bossk is okay. Are you coming up big boy? We can take our time. Come on buddy. I don’t want to rush you. Come on out, bud so I can go get Tiamat.

Hi, big boy. Dougal, no. You got Missouri on your face. Are you coming out, bud? Do you want me to get you? Come on big boy. That’s my buddy. Come on. Do you want to get in the sun? There you go. There’s my big boy. Yes. Hey, buddy. Hey, big boy, you’re awesome. Yes, you are. All right, let me go get your girlfriend. Come on, pretty girl. Easy, Tiamat, come on. Come on, let’s go outside. She’s like, “No.” Can I go get you some super worms? I got to go get you some super worms. Okay, let’s do it. Be right back, pretty girl. Look what I’ve got, pretty girl. Yes, I knew that would get you out. Come on, good girl. She’s a good girl, let me treat her. Watch your tail. Good girl.

Hey buddy. Easy. I think Bossk doesn’t like me having this thing on my head. Hey buddy. Hey, big boy. Hey, Tiamat. How’s that natural sun, bud? You’re loving it, aren’t you? My big boy. Who’s my big boy? Yes. Hey, buddy. Hi, pretty Tiamat. Hi, pretty girl. Come on. Come on, pretty girl. Come on, pretty girl. There’s my girl. Hi, pretty Tiamat. Hi, pretty girl. Bossk, meet your girlfriend. What are you doing? Hi, pretty Tiamat. Let me take these glasses off. I won’t be surprised if Bossk jumped on my head to get down here to get his girlfriend. Hey, baby Display, what’s going on? We’re in our summer vacation home.

Let’s say we make sweet iguana love. Come on out pretty girl. There she goes. There’s my pretty girl. Go ahead on in your cave. Hi, pretty girl. Easy. All right. Hey, buddy, soaking up some rays. You’re nice and warm, yes. All right. Lizard moved outdoors, phase one, Bossk and Tiamat, complete. All right. Now, we got to get some giant anoles outside.

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