Majestic Stackable Reptile Cages

Majestic Stackable Reptile Cages, Hoods & Stands

All of our Majestic stackable reptile cages can interlock with a stand or hood. For hoods, simply order a wire top with your reptile cage and set the lights on top, and the hood will hide your fixtures. Ordering a stand can elevate your furniture-style reptile cage to eye level (as shown above and below) and add storage space for herp supplies, food and treats. (A hood will come without a bottom and a stand will come without a top unless otherwise requested). You will not find stackable reptile cages with this level of versatility anywhere else!

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Reptile Cage Hoods, Reptile Cage Stands

Reptile Cage with closed Hood and Stand

Reptile Cage Hoods - Open

Hoods: Hide light fixtures and add a finished look to your reptile cage can have the option to have a door or not to be opened at all.

Reptile Cage Stands - Open

Stands: Elevate your reptile cage and bring it to eye level. Stands are also great for keeping herp supplies, treats and food!

Reptile Cage with Open Hood and Stand

Same Reptile Cage with open Hood and Stand

Stackable Reptile Cage

Example of a Stackable Cage

Our Cages Versus Theirs