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Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are medium-sized birds ranging from 10-12 inches in length. Their feathers are predominantly green, although they also come on red, black, purple and yellow. The have broad wings, rounded tails and a red ring around the outer eye.

History & Native Habitat

Amazons are found in South and Central America. They live in large flocks and appear to mate for life. They are extremely popular pets in Europe, where bird keeping is a well-established hobby.

Amazons: A Brief Profile

  • Temperament: Amazons can be breathtaking. You can just see yourself with one of these beautiful creatures perched on your shoulder or following you about the house. They can have delightful temperaments if they are so inclined. They can be extremely affectionate and docile. On the other hand, they are picky about who they like. And if they decide they don’t like you—look out. Your Amazing Amazon could become a terror.
  • Vocals: Amazons are very vocal. They love to utter load shrieks throughout the day and especially at night. Amazon parrots are skilled talkers and can pick up a variety of birds. They’re talking ability is rivaled only by the African Grey. What makes the Amazon’s vocal ability unique is the sound of their voice. African Grey parrots have extremely clear, distinct voices that can be easily understood. Amazons, on the other hand, have a more nasally voice. To get an idea of what an Amazon sounds like pinch your noise shut and try to talk. Your voice sounds funny doesn’t it? Well, that could be the type of voice you hear all the time when you get an Amazon!
  • Intelligence: Amazon’s are exceptionally bright, and with proper training they have the potential for becoming that “perfect parrot.” However, keep in mind your Amazon will not become well-behaved all by himself. You will need to train him on a regular basis. If you want to teach your Amazon an abundance of tricks, invest in a bird training course. This will provide you with instant access to top-training techniques that will put you and your parrot on the fast track to success. Before long, you can entertain friends and family members with your bird’s delightful tricks. They’ll be amazed at what your intelligent, beautiful bird can do.
  • Abilities: Have you ever known an exercise junkie? You know what I mean–that person who is addicted to running or jogging. They have to do it every single day otherwise they feel completely out of sorts. Well, for Amazons, it’s not jogging or running, but climbing that is a special hobby with them. Amazons are excellent climbers, who are genetically programmed to engage in this activity. In order to keep your Amazon feeling happy and physically stimulated, you’ll need to provide him with a variety of climbing toys, such as ladders.

Choosing a Cage for Your Amazon Parrot

It’s a good idea to invest in a stainless steel bird cage. Our Hybrid stainless steel bird cages allow your parrot to climb on the cage panels and get some much needed exercise. For Amazons, climbing is something they naturally they do. So don’t deprive them of this pleasure. If you have your set heart on a more decorative glass bird cage, be sure to provide your pet with additional opportunities for climbing.

Matching the Living Room

A stainless steel bird cage doesn’t mean your bird enclosure has to be unattractive. There are a variety of decorative bird cages with stainless steel panels. You can also purchase attractive hoods or stands made out of solid oak. You can choose from a variety of stains to give these pieces of avian furniture the finishing touch you are looking for. Your bird cage could actually be the most stunning piece of furniture in your home.

Amazon Species

There are 27 species and 50 subspecies in the Amazon family. So if you’re considering an Amazon as your next pet, you definitely have a lot of options to choose from. Most of these birds are remarkably similar to one another. The difference lies in their colors, distinct abilities, size and geographical location. Some species are popular pets, while others are rarely seen in captivity.

  • Festive Amazons are 14 inches long and are found throughout eastern Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.
  • Panama Yellow-Fronted Amazons are 12 inches long and are found in northern Columbia and Panama.
  • Orange-Winged Amazons are green with a flush of orange on the wings. They are 13 inches long, and due to being a smaller size are popular pets in Europe.
  • Blue-Fronted Amazons are great talkers and also popular pets in Europe.
  • Cuban Amazons are strong flyers.
  • Double-Yellow-Headed Amazons are also popular due to their ability to mimic the human voice.

Caring for Your Amazon

Before purchasing an Amazon, consider their specific needs and rather or not you are able to adequately meet them. Amazons are especially socially needy. They are best suited for people who can spend several hours a day with them. If an Amazon is left alone for long periods, it will sit in a corner completely depressed and start plucking its feathers in misery.

If you’re the type of person who can see yourself showering with your bird, watching TV together or doing housework with your pet on your arm, an Amazon might be the perfect species for you. If your work schedule or other commitments prevent you from spending most of the day with your parrot, consider purchasing a pair. Be sure to invest in bird cage that is large enough to comfortably house two Amazons.

But what if you would prefer to purchase one Amazon at a time? You want to get to know each bird individually before adding a second one to the family. You wonder if you should invest in a big bird cage now, or wait until later. The best option is to look for birdcages that are expandable. An expandable bird cage allows you to simple add additional panels to make your bird enclosure more spacious. This saves you the expense of having to purchase a new parrot cage every time you add an addition to your family.

Purchasing a Cage for Your Amazon

Before bringing your Amazon home, you need to have a parrot cage set up and ready to go. Many people do not realize how large a cage this bird actually needs. Although Amazons appears small, with both wings extended he can be as long as two and a half feet. Your bird should be able to stretch his wings without hitting either side of the bird cage. Keep in mind that the Amazon is very active and needs space to move around and perform antics.

You can even purchase Custom Cages that allow you to choose your own floor type, panels, materials, lining, dimensions, stands and hoods. The great thing about this option is you can basically build your own bird cage to meet the needs of your Amazon. Depending on your preferences, you can choose an acrylic bird cage, glass bird cage, or even aluminum bird cages. The options are endless. So have fun preparing for your Amazon!

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