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Model V-70 Tub

Vision Snake Tubs Model V-70

Model V-70 Tub

The Iris CB-70 tub has been the workhorse of the Ball Python breeding world for over a decade now. We took a great household storage tub and made it better for the purposes of animal husbandry.

The Vision V-70 tub has the same dimensions as the CB-70 tub and is 25% thicker, heavier and stronger and is all smooth on the bottom for easier cleaning and a smoother sliding tub.

The V-70 breeding tub is ideal for serious ball python breeders. It is large enough to comfortably fit two adult pythons or other snakes or reptiles.
  • Model V - 70
  • CB-70 Replacement
  • 34" 17.5" x 5.3"