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MAG: Close to 30, 34 liters of orchid bark. That one I stirred up. Another bucket of crushed lump charcoal. I like. I don’t know about you guys, and girls, but I’m looking like I might have a little bit of a problem or abit of a lot more than I thought there would be. That’s going to go everywhere. Well, we’re going to have to keep that from happening. All right, anyway. Moving on, fernwood mulch. That’s half of the spaghnum moss that’s going to go in there. Ta da. Done. That’s all of it. That is a Kiddie pool size supply of ABG mix from New Zealand, or most of it from New Zealand.

MAG: Hey, guys. Yes, that was the ABG mix, and that was all the supplies that I received from Acadian Supply, the fernwood, the orchiata orchid bark, spagmoss spaghnum moss.

The lump charcoal, that was just the regular Walmart brand that I bought and chopped it all up. A lot of the bigger pieces you saw once I’d made it, I did take a lot of them out from it as I was putting it in the exhibit because they were really huge, so I put more than enough that I needed and any larger pieces I’d– Some I broke up and put back in, or I just removed them totally, but either way it worked out fine.

We’ve been having great success with the plants that we have in here. You can look at the earlier blog to know all the names of the bromeliads that I’ve used from www.bromeliad.com. We appreciate all their help. Many of the other plants that I received, that I’ve purchased actually, I’ve got from a local floras fellows or something cleaned off the roots, and there’s a ton of vlogs, videos on YouTube that show how to do all that stuff. I’m not going to go over it because there’s so many of them.

Anyway, I hope you like it so far. We’re going to start partnering, which we already have partnered with Rainforest Trust, the charity that buys millions of acres all over the world. They’ve purchased over 18 million acres, I think as of 2018, and they’ve put it in the locals’ hands to manage, and they have saved a ton of different species. One of the main focuses that they have just recently got involved in was the golden poison frog, and it fits on our logo. It’s the animal that we’re going to have in here, the main animal we’ll have, so we had a little bit of connection there. It was, how do they say, providence that we got together. We’ll be doing more stuff with them.

I also have networking with a YouTuber, a pretty famous one, and I made her a brand new pair of custom shops. As some of you guys know, I made customer apparel. I’ve done it for a lot of rock and roll bands, and celebrities, and stuff. I made her a pair and we’re going to be doing a giveaway on her YouTube channel and mine. She’s really helping us out by getting a little bit involved in this, and accepting the gift, and getting into this with us, which we really appreciate it.

Let’s see what else we’ve got going. The big thing is– Oh, we also got from current– We’ve got a new lighting system. You could see from the ambient lighting on the side, this is a serene lighting system. They’ve set us two beautiful 48 inch LED light strips with the serene ambient lighting, and also with speakers that have rainforest sounds and stream sounds and stuff like that. I’ll show you a little bit down the road once the frogs are in here making a complete package. Also, I’ve just filmed some video of me unboxing those lights and I’ll be showing them pretty soon. You can see it’s really bright in here and all the plants are loving it.

We’ve got crops going everywhere, roots are coming out. We started out with 32 bromeliads, and now I think we’re up to 75, 76, with all the crops that we’re growing. They’ve almost tripled in numbers already, so we’re pretty excited about that. Of the moss we received from tropica.com, you can see it’s blasting everywhere. In some areas, it’s starting to reach other areas. It’s starting to grow towards the other pieces and taking up little areas. Obviously, it’s gotten a lot of height in the back, the ones in the rear. I’m going to work on getting, maybe, some lighting here on the side for lower parts.

Although I added some plants in here, of some spear plants in here and they’re doing pretty good, so I don’t think there’s a major issue with that. We have the corrie catfish and we have some tetras[unintelligible 00:07:59]. The catfish are doing great as well. I’m thinking of doing a little bit more lighting and CO2. We’ll see, but so far it looks good and everybody’s healthy.

Originally, I think I had mentioned we had a couple of fish right at the beginning and when I checked the pH, it was very high because of the tannins[unintelligible 00:08:17] and driftwood and stuff which I thought it would be okay and it wasn’t. It needed a couple of more weeks, but now it’s perfectly neutral. Everything’s fine, so the water is great quality. We’ve got the seamless sound kicking down here from Custom Aquariums. We have two pumps on it. We have a two horsepower each, four horsepower. The four horsepower is doing the waterfall. You can tell it’s the loudest one with streams run by the two horsepower, and that’s pretty good too.

Everything’s going great. It’s looking really good. I hope you like it. I’ll be showing a little more details of it. We’re also thinking of doing something special with some videography, and I’ll get into that in a later blog. Anyways, we hope you subscribe. Stay tuned for some really cool stuff happening in the next couple of blogs, like I said, with a very famous YouTuber. We’re so excited about that. Well, we’ll see you next time.


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