H3 Cage Covers



Our Covers

Provide a dark and secure environment for promoting sleep for any bird, reptile, or small animal.


Specifically made for our enclosures they are custom-fit yet leave ample room to add external features such as our Friendly Feeders and seed catchers.


Made of a durable, light-weight non-toxic poly-cotton fabric, our cage covers are machine washable.

Patented Design

Features a flap that falls over the front of the cage. Secured on both sides with Velcro, the flap is easily lifted to allow cage door access without removal of the cover! This design also makes the application and removal of our covers so easy!

Meant for indoor use. Available for Hybrid® H2, Hybrid® H3, and MajesticTM models.

Also great for retaining heat and reducing stress for reptiles!

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