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The Summers Family’s Hybrid Enclosure

Hello Stacy,
We would like to thank you and the others that put so much work into our new beautiful cage. We appreciate your timely response and willingness to pull from your expertise and make. These are some pictures of the cage and our bird Echo. It took about four days to get him adjusted to his environment but now he has a lot of fun.

Kindest regards,

The Summers Family

Echo’s new CustomCages enclosure is a Hybrid H3 cage with the Ultimate package in Cambridge Cherry finish. The cage dimensions are 36″x26″x24″ with a pull-out floor and tray, a hood and a stand. The image on the background was provided by the customer.

Here is a link to a similar package: HB14 BIRD CAGE 36″H X 36″L X 24″D H2


Sam’s Hybrid Bird Cage

sam hybrid bird cage

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Check out Sam’s Hybrid bird cage, built especially for his macaw, Spike!

Check out Sam’s Hybrid bird cage, built especially for his macaw, Spike!

“I bought the cage is late August (2016). It is a very well constructed cage. It serves the purpose of keeping the bird safe and comfortable. It’s easy to clean and feed the bird.” Sam Freund

Spike is a 40-year old blue and gold macaw raised from a chick by Sam. Sam purchased a CustomCages.com Hybrid bird cage (HB09 BIRD CAGE 72″H X 48″L X 24″D H3) in August of 2016. This size cage serves parrots well the 72″H x 48″L x 24″D H3 bird aviaries allows large birds to extend their full wingspan. The acrylic front doors allow an excellent view, and they slide in both directions making them easy to clean. Optional pull out floors and trays allow you to clean up any birdcage mess with ease, and the seed catcher reduces food or aggregate from creating a mess outside the aviary. Friendly Feeders allow you to feed your pet in a safe and sanitary manner without ever having to go into the birdcage.

The H3 bird cages come standard with 1″ x 1″ Stainless Steel wire top and sides, acrylic front doors and a laminate back and bottom, but any of our panels can be made of any materials that we offer. Our Hybrid bird aviaries also have countless options available! Add a hood to any of our parrot cages – an excellent way to add vibrant light to your aviary without having to look at unsightly fixtures, or add a stand – a great place to keep seed or bird supplies in our aviaries.

Susan’s Ultimate Bird Cage H3: Black Granite

“Thank you for all your help, Stacy! I have been pleased with working with you guys with my cage. It is a big project, and there’s been issues, but you have readily resolved them. My experience has been great. Thanks again,”

Susan M-G

Here are some details of Susan’s enclosure:

48″ x 72″ x 36″ Ultimate Bird Cage H3: Black Granite

  • Image Background: Waterfall Beach
  • 12″ x 72″ x 36″ H3 Hood
  • 24″ x 72″ x 36″ H3 Stand

You can see enclosures similar to this one here: HB06 Bird Cage 48″H x 72″L x 36″D H3

Susan M-G

Guinness the Toucan’s New Hybrid Enclosure

Guinness the Toucan

“Guinness loves his new cage!!!”

  • 72″ x 96″ x 36″ Majestic Deluxe Bird Cage: Contemporary Style- Black Paint on Maple Wood
  • 2″H Stand with Doors:
  • 72″ x 96″ Custom Background: Tropical Waterfall

Custom 24″ Cube Hybrid H2 Bird Cage & Stand

Hybrid Bird Cage
Hybrid Bird Cage
Hybrid Bird Cage

Custom Cages makes cages of any size that are safe, secure, dependable and last a very long time. Here are some pictures sent from a customer showing a new custom 24″ cube Hybrid H2 bird cage and stand. The front sliding doors in acrylic for clear viewing, the back is a custom photo wall, and the sides and bottom are non-toxic stainless steel mesh that provides plenty of air circulation, sound and climbing surface for the conure. The sliding tray under the cage is pulled out a few inches. The Friendly Feeder systems for food and water are large and accessible from outside the cage. Basic pricing for custom size cages, like this one, can be configured here: https://www.customcages.com/configurator/

Traci’s Acrylic Enclosures

I have the acrylic cages for my two large macaws. I bought them in 2005 and they are still in excellent condition! The cages provide a beautiful forest background, nice viewing area, locking doors, safety from small children’s fingers & less mess. No mess outside of the cage!?! What more could I ask for in owning 2 macaws!! The best investment ever!!!

Traci, owner of loveyourparrot.com

Traci Carroll Macaws
Traci Carroll Macaws
Traci Carroll Macaws

Alyssandra’s Cockatiel Enclosures

At Custom Cages we not only take pride in our enclosures we also take pride in your beloved pets. Please read the testimonial from our customer Alyssandra from Charlottesville, Virginia on why she chose not one but two Custom Cages Enclosures.

“Metal toxicity. Most breeders don’t realize how widespread this issue really is. And most people would not even recognize the subtle symptoms that creep up slowly until the bird is in a critical state. I learned the hard way just how insidious certain non-stainless steel cages could be to my exhibition and breeding cockatiels’ health. Thankfully, my vet is a brilliant avian specialist and several birds over time were diagnosed with metal toxicity. I was already very vigilant about not using metal accessories and toys in their cages. But now zinc was becoming exposed to my birds from another source: from tiny chips beneath coatings on other so-called toxic free cages. It became imperative that I find affordable stainless steel flights. After much research, I found the answer in Custom Cages. Their customer service department worked with me with great patience, promptness and understanding to solve my urgent needs. I purchased two beautiful six-foot stainless steel flights that were customized to fit my needs and my budget. I was taken back immediately by the beautiful design of their cages, the ease of assembly, the practical functionality and the high quality materials used throughout. Finally, I have relief and peace of mind knowing my cockatiels are now safely housed in cages that will not put their health at risk from metal toxicity. Thank you to all the staff at Custom Cages for working with me to find this solution. You are the best!”

Alyssandra Young
Windsong Cockatiels

Alyssandra Young

Andrea’s Ultimate Bird Cage H2: Black Granite with our Tropical Waterfall Background Image


Checkout the 36″ x 36″ x 24″ Ultimate Bird Cage H2: Black Granite with our Tropical Waterfall Background image we made for Andrea in Lansing, MI. Thank you Andrea, we appreciate your business!!!

“Comet loves his new cage. Thank you so much for putting out such an awesome and high quality cage!!”


Beth’s Custom 36″H x 72″L x 18″D H3 Bird Cage

Here is a custom 36″H x 72″L x 18″D H3 Bird Cage: we shipped to Wake Forest, NC. Thank you Beth, we appreciate your business!

“Early present to myself. My father built the base from reclaimed wormy chestnut from his home place. I designed it. Cages By Design built it and my boys and I assembled it! The birds love having a clear view of the outside and the tv when they aren’t roaming around the top (or the house-haha). Pretty nice for two birds that unfortunately wouldn’t live in the wild.”


Beth Digg

Rob’s Parrot Enclosure

Here is some AWESOME customer feedback received today. Thank you, Rob, it was a pleasure helping you!

“Thanks so much. This is why buying quality from a reputable company has always been my argument when people ask us why it is we wouldn’t purchase cheap enclosures for our parrots. Being able to connect with you (and the insanely fast response time) for the life of the enclosure and as well as the quality and safety is now and will always be my answer. Forever grateful.”

Rob B

Cecilia’s Ultimate Bird Cage H3

Here is a 72″ x 48″ x 24″ Ultimate Bird Cage H3: Natural Granite with our Hillside Creek Background Image we sent to a customer in Spring Hill, TN. Thank you Cecilia, we appreciate your business!

“Frodo and Sam (Timneh African Greys) absolutely love their new cage and so do we! Included is a picture of them happy and content in their new home.”


Cecilia Hill

Edward’s Enclosure

Edward Olson

Here is what Edward had to say about our enclosures:

“Gordon was a hand-raised baby. He is now 13, and an exceptional creature. I can trim his nails without a towel, helper, or drama. I simply say, “give me your foot”, and he obeys. It takes him a few tries to understand, “give me your other foot”, but then he does and, again, obeys. He makes a small squawk as each nail is cut, but he never tries to bite or pull away. Once, when he seemed a bit off and while waiting for test results, the vet gave me an injectable medication and assigned me to lay Gordon on his back and give him an injection twice a day for ten days. (I had been trained in giving injections into the breast muscle a few years before.) This also I did without a towel, helper, or drama. He gave a small squawk when he felt the needle, but he never tried to bite or get away. He likes his vet also, and I am convinced that he understands that the things we do are intended for his benefit. He also readily makes friends with new people. I am also convinced that he really likes this enclosure. He had a few others in the past, but somehow I can see that this is his favorite. He plays inside as well as outside. (As I said before, he is allowed to venture out at will when someone is in the house.) He is closed in at night. Often, I have said, “Gordon, it’s bedtime, go inside”, and he has obeyed!”


Frank Serse’s Sun Conure Enclosure

Frank ordered 30″H x 24″L x 18″D H2 Hybrid enclosure with removable floor and seed catchers for his Sun Conures. I received a note stating:

“Hi Stacy, Just wanted to thank you and cages by design for the great care and cage that was custom made, it all worked out great thanks to your advice. The Sun Conures love their new home. Thank you.”

Frank Serse

Stacy’s Response:

I want to send out another personal “Thank You” to Frank Serse, who sent me a wonderful edible arrangement for my customer service. Thank you, this made my day!

Frank Serse

60″H x 30″L x 24″D H3 Bird Cage with 12″H Hood: Black Granite

J & L

Here is a 60″H x 30″L x 24″D H3 Bird Cage with 12″H Hood: Black Granite and image background of Tall View Waterfall we shipped out to J & L in Nevada. Thank you J & L, we appreciate your business!

Jasmine’s African Grey Enclosure

Checkout the 60″H x 72″L x 24″D H3 Bird Cage we made for a customer in Kenosha, WI. Thank you Jasmine, we appreciate your business!

“Hi Stacy, Just wanted to share this picture with you guys. Iggy, my African Grey loves his new digs! 🙂 now he can move around and get more exercise.This turned out exactly how I had hoped for, it’s perfect! His other cage was considered large for a grey, but he basically sat in one spot and only moved around to get food. Since I work a lot he isn’t out of cage as much as he should be so this is perfect thanks so much!”


Jasmine Metz

Tammy’s Cambridge Cherry with 12″H Stand H2 Enclosure


Here is a 42″H x 36″L x 24″D H2 Bird Cage: Cambridge Cherry with 12″H Stand H2: Cambridge Cherry for an African Grey. Thank you Tammy, we appreciate your business!

Ken & Lisa Schram’s Enclosure

Checkout the 60″ x 48″ x 24″ Bird Cage H3: with 12″H English Oak Hood we made for return customers in Merrill, WI. Thank you Ken and Lisa, we appreciate your business!!!

“Deciding to add another feathered family member to our flock was a long, drawn out consideration. Selecting a new enclosure was not. When we adopted our 25 year-old African Grey, Alex, we didn’t think twice about which enclosure we would be purchasing. That’s because our other two feathered children had already been enjoying the benefits of a Hybrid cage from Cages By Design for years. With plenty of room for toys and perches, the Hybrid enclosure offers an enriching environment that promotes climbing and foraging all while offering us an unobstructed view of our beautiful family members. The support we’ve received from Cages By Design, both before and after the sale, has also been second to none. Our knowledgeable salesperson assisted us in configuring our enclosure to match our needs, kept us updated on the status of our order throughout the process and even saved me from spending 4 hours of my vacation day behind the wheel to pick up the cage. It was a stroke of luck that one of their sales reps was scheduled to be in our area the same day our enclosure was ready to be picked up. We coordinated a time to meet and what would have been a wasted day on the road was instead used to assemble Alex’s new enclosure. While assembling the unit, we discovered a minor change in the design was going to result in the new cage being a few inches taller than our existing cage. One phone call to our salesperson resulted in replacement parts being overnighted with no questions asked so that the new enclosure exactly matched that of our existing unit. Without question we would recommend purchasing from Custom Cages. Both of our enclosures not only provide safe havens for our pets, but provide an attractive alternative to a typical bird cage. Thank you Custom Cages!”

Ken & Lisa Schram

Enclosure for Sugar Gliders


Checkout the 72″ x 48″ x 24″ Small Animal Cage H3: Black Granite we made for a customer with Sugar Gliders!!! Thank you Kristin, we appreciate your business!

Serena & Tommy’s Enclosure

Thank you Serena and Tommy for your kind words, it has been a pleasure working with you. We are overjoyed Wilbur loves his new enclosure. Happy Holidays to you, Tommy, Wilbur and your family!


Jeanette Luzzolino’s H2 Bird Enclosure

Jeanette Luzzolino

Here’s an 42″H x 36″L x 24″D H2 Bird Enclosure with 18″H Cambridge Cherry Stand and 12″H Cambridge Cherry Hood we sent out to Jeanette from New Jersey! Thank you Jeanette, we appreciate your business!

“Hi Stacy, Thank you so much for all your help in every way! We finally got the cage finished. My bird loves his new enclosure. It’s bigger and better than he had before. More playroom for him to enjoy and we can view him without looking through cage bars. We are very happy with it as well as the bird.”


Randy’s Complete Bird Cage H2: with Removable Floor and Pull Out Tray System

Checkout the 30″ x 30″ x 18″ Complete Bird Cage H2: with our Removable Floor and Pull Out Tray System A we made for a customer in New Mexico. Thank you Randy, we appreciate your business!

“Hi Stacy, Wow! What a beautiful cage! Everyone absolutely loves it! Especially the birds! They were a little freaked out at first but, after 20 minutes they fell in love. I got the wicker nests for them to hide in but, they saw them more as a toy. They are shredding them! This cage really contains the mess much better than a traditional one. The cage was definitely a pain to assemble but, well worth it.”



Jeanette Luzzolino’s H2 Bird Enclosure

Travel Cage

Here is a unique cage we built for a customer whom will be keeping this on their boat so their bird can join them boating!

Kathryn’s Ultimate Bird Cage H3: Cambridge Cherry

Here are some kind words from a customer in Washington Terrace, UT who purchased a 48″ x 48″ x 24″ Ultimate Bird Cage H3: Cambridge Cherry for her birds. Thank you Kathryn, we appreciate your business!

“I received the package. Thank you for caring Stacy. My birds moved in yesterday and seem quite happy with their new home. Thanks for everything, and good luck to your business!”


Pippin’s Bridge Playstand

Checkout this lucky Blue and Gold Macaw named Pippin! Pippin received our Bridge Playstand for Christmas this year! Thank you Ashley and Pippin for your business, we greatly appreciate it!

“Merry Christmas! Thank you for getting the play gym here on time!”


Pippin on Playstand