Pull Out Divider System

Our pull out divider system can be attached to any of our new or existing cages. The divider allows you to partition your cage for multiple pets without having to purchase several cages. This is very useful for breeders who may want to allow pets to have contact only during certain times of year, or for people with pets who do not get along. Prices shown in the center insert come with 1” x 1” stainless steel wire unless otherwise specified. Other panel materials can be substituted. Track must be installed by customer at desired placement (all hardware included). Notice: panels do not create a perfect seal between divided sides. Regardless of material type there may be an opening up to 1” between the partitioned sides to allow doors to slide properly. For this reason this system is not intended to separate very small pets. Please call for pricing.

Note: Cage shown left has doors removed so divider can be more clearly illustrated.

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