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Numerous pet owners equate affection with food. That’s why we love to give our pets treats. If you constantly find yourself tossing your cat scraps of food in his outdoor cat kennels or outdoor cat playpen, you know what I mean. While there is nothing wrong with stepping into your outdoor cat kennels to offer your pet a treat, you should be careful not to make a habit of this. Excessive human food can cause your pet to ignore his own dinner, which means he will not be getting the nutrients he needs to thrive.

Outdoor Cat Kennels
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If your pet cat knows that you are going to come around to his outdoor cat kennels at 6:00 sharp to give him your leftovers, he will most likely refuse to eat his own dinner later on. Spoiling your cat with human food will create a finicky eater.

Feeding your Cat in His Outdoor Cat Kennels

Feeding too many treats, especially human food, poses several threats to your pet’s health:

  • It may cause weight gain. Even if your feline is fairly active and regularly races around his outdoor cat kennels, too much food will cause him to pack on the pounds. This can be harmful for your cat’s health. Before you know it, your pet may barely be able to squeeze through the opening to his cat condo in his outdoor cat kennels. The solution to this problem is quite simple: you do not have to eliminate all treats from your pet’s diet. If giving your pet a tasty treat in his outdoor cat pens or outdoor cat play pen is the highlight of your evening, you don’t have to give that up. Simply replace unhealthy treats for healthy ones. Instead of tossing a juicy piece of hamburger in your cats’ outdoor cat kennels, offer them a lean piece of turkey or a slice of fruit. Fruits, such as blueberries, are especially beneficial to cats as they help prevent urinary tract infections.
  • You could accidentally feed your feline friend something harmful. A cat’s system cannot handle the same type of foods as humans. Certain foods may be toxic to your cat or can cause digestive upsets. If you notice your pet cowering in his outdoor cat kennel after eating something questionable, call your veterinarian right away. When taking snacks to your felines in their outdoor cat kennels or outdoor cat pens, avoid feeding them any type of raw meats. Raw meat may contain bacteria and parasites which could jeopardize your pet’s health. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided.

Indulging your pet’s cravings once in a while is perfectly okay. Just be sure that when you step inside those outdoor cat kennels you are armed with healthy food that will benefit your cat.

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