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Nothing is more precious than a baby kitten. Their sweet, playful nature is extremely endearing. Despite their cuteness, a kitten is a lot of work. You should carefully prepare yourself to care for one before bringing it home. In addition to basic supplies, such as food and water dishes, you should have an outdoor cat containment system where your kitten can play and explore the world.

Outdoor Cat Containment
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But the absolute most important thing is to spend time bonding with your kitten and gaining his trust. Here are a few ways to help you do exactly that:

  • Talk with him. As your cat sniffs around his outdoor cat containment system, follow him on your hands and knees, talking softly. Your cat will learn to recognize your voice and will pick up on your tone and inflections. Every time you visit your kitten in his outdoor cat enclosure, be sure to spend plenty of time talking in a soft, gentle voice. If you snuggle with your kitten on the couch or bed, stroke him softly and continue speaking to him. Talking is a powerful way to speed up the bonding process. Just as a baby grows attached to its mother’s voice, the kitten will learn to love and trust your voice as well.

Playing With Your Kitten in His Outdoor Cat Containment System

  • Play with him. Kittens are the embodiment of energy and playfulness. It is important that you spend plenty of time playing with your cat in his outdoor cat containment system. Balls, plastic toys, stuffed mice and other play items are especially appealing to your kitten. Spend a few moments every few weeks going to your local pet store to pick up a new toy for your kitty. Toss the new toy in your outdoor cat containment system and watch your kitten’s excitement.
  • Handle him. Touch is a critical ingredient in the bonding process. The more you handle your kitten, the more he will learn to trust you. You should never leave your kitten in his outdoor cat containment system for days on end with no human interaction. Such treatment will cause your cat to feel lonely. Daily interaction and playtime is important to your kitten’s mental, emotional and social development.
  • Feed him. Kittens love to eat. The feeding process can extend far beyond just setting out a bowl of kibbles in your outdoor cat containment system. Try hand-feeding your pet or snuggling up next to him in his outdoor cat containment system while he eats. These interactions will help strengthen the bond between you and your pet kitten.

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