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Cats love to play. They jump, pounce, swat and stalk constantly in an effort to amuse themselves and practice their survival skills. Outdoor cat fences provide the ideal environment to awaken your cat’s playful spirit. Try setting up your outdoor cat fences close to your own house. In this way, you can keep a constant eye on your cat as he plays and interacts with his environment. Of course, not everyone wants their cat to be in enclosures or outdoor cat fences all day long.

Outdoor Cat Fences
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Many owners prefer that their cats be both indoor and outdoor pets. If this is your preference, consider installing a cat door from your house to your outdoor cat fences. Many devices allow your pet to freely go inside or outside via a small tunnel that connects to a window. The Freedom Connector is available from Custom Cages. These devices are so sturdy and convenient it will be hard to live without one—especially if you want your cat to have access to your house and his condo in his outdoor cat fences at all times. Your cat can go outside to play, explore or soak up the sun and return indoors whenever he feels like it.

Watching Your Pet In His Outdoor Cat Fences

Watching your pet play in his outdoor cat fences can be highly amusing. He may pounce on his toys or try to chase rodents or bugs that dart past. If you have two or more cats, their antics and mock fighting can be quite amusing. However, not every cat is so motivated to maintain an active lifestyle. Some cats will do nothing more than lazily soak up the sun in their outdoor cat fences or watch the neighbors in their yard. While older cats certainly have a right to be lazy and enjoy life, it is critical that they stay active in order to maintain their health and ward off feline obesity.

If you find that your pet needs a little coaxing to exercise, there are a number of easy ways to encourage him. The most effective method is to shop around for toys that stimulate his curiosity and seize his interest. Bring these toys into his outdoor cat fences. Your pet may need you to actually play with him in order to get the fun started. Once your pet is introduced to the toys and how they work, he may start playing on his own. Here are a few toys that are ideal to leave with your pet in his outdoor cat fence:

  • Soft balls. Roll some balls in your pet’s outdoor cat fence or around his outdoor cat house. He’ll enjoy the chase!
  • Stuffed toys: Cats love to sink their teeth into soft, plush cat toys. Throw a few of these in your outdoor cat fences and your pet should be chewing and chasing for quite a while.

Quick Tip: If your pet suddenly loses interest in a long-time favorite toy, try rolling it in catnip to re-stimulate his interest. The most important thing is to keep your outdoor cat fences full of fun toys!

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