Outdoor Cat Houses from Custom Cages

If you have a dog or other animals in the house, you may wonder about the feasibility of getting a cat. The time–old question, ‘can dogs and cats really get along?’ is not as black and white as you might think. Not every dog will chase your cat through his outdoor cat house in an effort to establish dominance. With proper training and a fairly easy-going personality, many dogs and cats can and do live peacefully together. Here are a few tips for when introducing a cat into your home:

Outdoor Cat House
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Give your cat time to adjust. You may not want to introduce your cat to the dog right away. Instead, let your pet get used to his new outdoor cat house. Let him explore all the hiding places and crevices in his outdoor cat houses before subjecting him to anything further. After a day or two your cat will start to feel like his new outdoor cat house is really home. Once your cat seems to be comfortable and not overwhelmed by his new surroundings, carefully introduce him to the dog.

Stay on neutral territory. When introducing your dog and cat for the first time, avoid space that is territorial. For example, don’t introduce your pets in the outdoor cat house. This area belongs to your cat and he will feel as though someone is invading his bedroom. In the same way, don’t introduce them near your dog’s bed or any other territorial spot that belongs to your dog. Choose a fairly neutral place in the house or yard.

Take it slow. Once you are ready for first introductions remove your cat from his outdoor cat houses. Allow him and the dog to meet for a few moments. Then return your cat to the safety of his outdoor cat house. Allow for several other introductions over the next few days until both animals feel comfortable with each other.

Help your cat feel safe. During the first meeting, allow your cat to view the dog from a safe vantage point. For example, he may like to sit on a chair or on the top of his cat furniture where he can take in the new experiences without feeling threatened.

Making Your Outdoor Cat Houses a Safe Place

No matter how well your dog and cat get along, your cat will need time to be alone –without the dog barking or pawing at him. This is where your outdoor cat houses come in. There are several things you can do to turn your outdoor cat houses into a safe-place for your pet. You can install hiding places in your outdoor cat houses so your feline can hide and relax. It is also a good idea to place your outdoor cat houses on the quietest side of the house. Try to set it up so that it is not facing the street or the dog’s yard. Strategic placement of your outdoor cat houses can mean a world of difference to your cat.

If you are looking for quality outdoor cat houses, Custom Cages has you covered! We provide customized outdoor cat houses and accessories that are made with careful attention to detail. Your felines will love our outdoor cat houses!

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