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Are you debating whether or not to invest in outdoor pet cages for your pets? A million questions race through your mind as you struggle to make a decision. Let’s take a look at a few of these objections.

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“I don’t plan for my pets to be complete outdoor cats. They will be in the house at least 50% of the time. So what’s the point in purchasing outdoor pet cages for your cats? Won’t it be a waste of money?”

The answer to this question is an emphatic NO! This line of reasoning is like saying there is no use in buying your young child a car seat because he won’t be in the car all the time.

Think of it this way. Outdoor pet cages are not a luxury—they are a necessity, just like a car seat. By purchasing outdoor pet cages for your cats, you are taking the necessary steps to being a responsible pet owner. Letting your cats roam the neighborhood at will is not only irresponsible, it’s downright dangerous.

Your cat could get hit by a car, attacked by a wild animal, or kidnapped by a stranger. An outdoor pet cage provides your feline with the security he needs while spending time outside. Don’t think of an outdoor pet cage as an expense, but rather as an investment—in your pet’s safety. If you’ve been sitting on the fence over whether or not to purchase an outdoor pet cage because you are worried it may be a frivolous luxury, you can flush that objection right down the kitchen sink.

Another Objection to Purchasing Outdoor Pet Cages…and How to Overcome it

I don’t have time to shop for or set up outdoor pet cages.” The reality is that we live in a time-starved society. Everyone has too much to do and not enough time to do it. For your schedule, finding time to shop for outdoor pet cages for your cats may be a legitimate concern. But there is a simple, easy solution to this dilemma: simply shop online. If you’re worried about not being able to find a decent outdoor pet cage on the web, you can put your fears to rest.

When we talk about shopping online, we are not talking about browsing through Craigslist or eBay. Believe it or not there are legitimate, well-recognized companies who manufacture top-of-the line outdoor pet cages for cats. One of the most well-respected companies out there is Custom Cages. With over 20 years experience in the outdoor pet cage market, we have the knowledge and track record you need to confidently purchase an outdoor pet cage for your outdoor cats. Your feline friends will love our cages!

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